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Can you tell which one is lab grown diamond?

Both natural and laboratory diamonds are real diamonds, the only difference is the source of the diamond. Naturally come from underground prospecting, each piece is a product of nature, and high-quality diamonds are becoming rarer and rarer.

Laboratory diamonds are manufactured products of technology and beauty. Compared with natural diamonds, there are generally fewer internal impurities, and the price is only a quarter, starting from 10,000 yuan per card. You are welcome to make an appointment to come to the store to see the difference between the two.

Let's see if you can tell which one is a natural diamond and which one is a laboratory diamond from the picture below. (Answers are at the bottom of this page)

The diamonds in the picture were all taken with black cloth as the background, and they were shot off-site with studio flash.

Laboratory diamonds generally have relatively high clarity, starting from Vs2, and are more transparent than natural diamonds, and are cut, symmetrical, and polished to reach the Excellent level.

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The left one is lab grown.


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