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Montresor Infini Ten Hearts Ten Arrows Diamond

If "Hearts and Arrows" is what you consider the ultimate diamond, Montresor Infini's "Ten Hearts and Ten Arrows" diamond can be called the ultimate of the ultimate. It is the first choice for the main diamond of your engagement ring.

"Hearts and Arrows" diamonds are traditionally considered to be perfect, but "Ten Hearts and Ten Arrows" was introduced to Hong Kong by Montereesor Infini. It requires higher craftsmanship and aesthetics, as well as three times the polishing time, to achieve "better than perfect" A more perfect diamond.

Optically, since "Ten Hearts and Ten Arrows" has seventy-seven facets, each one is cut with the most precision by the craftsman. If one point is not accurate, it is impossible for diamonds to become "ten hearts and ten arrows".

"Ten Hearts and Ten Arrows" balances gloss and light aggregation, and can push the amount of light refraction to the extreme. "Arrow" diamonds can refract even red light, and the wide spectrum of refraction results in brighter and brighter diamonds.

In terms of cut, the angle between the pavilion and the girdle of a general cut diamond is 40-45°, while the angle between the pavilion and the girdle of ten hearts and ten arrows is 40-41°, which requires extremely high symmetry.

"Ten Hearts and Ten Arrows" diamonds have 20 more facets than the "Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows" diamonds, and the fire is 1.2 times stronger. In addition to the IGI certificate, each "Ten Hearts and Ten Arrows" laboratory diamond of Montresor Infini adopts double certificates, including the IGI certificate and the Gemex certificate.

With scientific and objective standards, let customers know the true brilliance of diamonds.


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