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L’ amour

Product Details




Each wedding ring is made to order, and the width and thickness can be changed according to the customer's preference and hand shape.

18K gold as the material, the ring can be made in white, gold, rose gold and black.

PT950 is only available in white color.

Product Story

法國人對古埃及文明充滿熱愛,,對神秘又莫測的幾何及象形文字著迷。埃及學的熱潮,可以說是起源於1798年,法國軍隊同行的科學家和歷史學家,發現了「羅塞塔石碑」(Rosetta Stone),為法國後世,打開了古代神秘之門。戒指之中,我們加入一個神秘的小三角,注入古埃及元素。

The French are enthusiastic for the ancient Egyptian civilisation, and fascinated by the mysterious and unpredictable geometry and hieroglyphs. The boom in Egyptology can be said to have originated in 1798. Scientists and historians who accompanied the French army discovered the "Rosetta Stone", which opened the door to ancient mystery for later generations in France. In the ring, we added a mysterious little triangle, infused with ancient Egyptian elements.

Other rings in the series

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