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四時之景不同,歷世詩人被巴黎所迷到。Poésie 就是法語中,「詩」的意思,戒指設計以扭轉的線條,象徵巴黎的四季各有不同,充滿詩情畫意。


The seasons of Paris are different and poetic. There are herbs in spring, the river Seine is trickling, and the sun is shining in summer. Under the Eiffel Tower, it is a good place for lovers to have a picnic. The leaves turn red in autumn, a golden leaf in Luxembourg Garden, and it snows in winter. Paris is full of living alone.
The four seasons are different, and poets of the past are fascinated by Paris. Poésie means "poetry" in French. The ring is designed with twisted lines to symbolize that the four seasons of Paris are different and full of poetry.

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