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Each engagement ring is made to order, and we will match it with certified diamonds according to the client's hand shape, taste and budget.

Product Story

由古羅馬時期,巴黎是釀葡萄酒的地方,每年 10 月,蒙馬特豐收節慶祝葡萄豐收,巴黎的加美 (Gamay) 葡萄酒相當出色。設計師以酒樽身製作了求婚求,讓愛人醉在浪漫中。

During the ancient Roman period, Paris was the place where wine was made. Every October, the Montmartre Harvest Festival celebrates the grape harvest. The Gamay wines in Paris are quite outstanding. The designer made a proposal with a bottle of wine to make the lover drunk in romance.

Other rings in the series

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