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Montresor Infini is qualified with QWMS

Montresor Infini® announced that it has obtained the "Quality Wedding Merchant" certification in Hong Kong. We promise that we will provide the best quality wedding ring customization for all couples.

The certification was established by the Hong Kong Productivity Council in 2008, the only quality service plan for wedding merchants and prospective couples in Hong Kong—the "Quality Wedding Merchant" plan. Through a rigorous evaluation mechanism, it establishes and commends the provision of reliability. Wedding merchants with high-quality services have become the first set of comprehensive indicators for high-quality wedding merchants in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Productivity Council is an independent assessment agency dedicated to this project, which conducts assessment for each applicant. Wedding merchants must successfully pass strict assessments in four major areas, including environment, products and services, employees, and operating systems to ensure that the services can reach the high-quality level before they can be qualified as "Quality Wedding Merchants".

After obtaining the qualification of "Quality Wedding Merchant", merchants can display the "Quality Wedding Merchants" label to highlight the quality of service and fulfil their promise to provide customers with quality wedding services.

Date : 10-11-2021


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