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Natural vs Lab Grown Diamonds

Many customers have a question, are laboratory diamonds fake stones? First of all, we must recognize what is a real diamond. The diamond composition is composed of carbon atoms, arranged in an octahedral crystal structure. And many substances called fake stones are not diamond components. They can only be called imitation diamonds, imitation stones, and fake stones. These are not diamonds.

Both natural and laboratory diamonds are real diamonds: Regardless of hardness, refractive index, density and composition, natural diamonds and laboratory diamonds are the same.

The only difference is the source of diamonds. Natural diamonds come from the ground and are works of nature. Diamonds were formed 3.3 billion years ago. They were originally 120-330 kilometers underground. Due to volcanic eruptions, diamonds went from underground to the ground, and then were excavated by prospectors. Therefore, every grain is a handicraft of nature. The grains are all rare crystals.

Laboratory diamonds are made of high technology. In principle, the high-pressure environment in the ground makes the diamonds artificially crystallized into diamonds. The two main technologies include High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).


Certification agencies will provide certification for natural diamonds and laboratory diamonds. Each certificated diamond is engraved with a unique laser number in the diamond girdle. The number of the laboratory diamond will be marked with the words "LABORATORY-GROWN" / "LABGROWN" / "LG". Guests can use a 30 times magnifying glass See. The authentication standard also takes 4C as the requirement, the number of cards (Carat), color (Color), clarity (Clarity), and cut (Cut).

Diagram on natural vs lab grown:

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