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Tailor Made Ring Service | Montreosor Infini®

Montresor Infini conerns about the preference and taste of customers. We promise to provide guests with a quiet and comfortable environment, so that guests can gradually learn about different wedding ring styles, so as to discover their own preferences. Marriage is a major event in a lifetime, and we attach great importance to tokens. It takes at least an hour from choosing a style to listening to changes to the design.

We have over a hundred types of wedding rings for customers to try on, and customers can directly see the effects of different shapes. Usually, customers think that the wedding ring is just a simple circle, but it is not. Everyone's fingers are different, and the size and length of the joints of the hand alone are different. Rings are very close accessories. In addition to being beautiful in style, they also need to be perfect.

Afterwards, we will select the most suitable material for the customer according to the customer's preferences and habits. Many customers will have doubts. The material of the ring should be 18K gold or platinum 950.


​18K Gold

Platinum 950





Silver, Yellow, Rose Gold and Black by anodising.

Natively Silver Colour



Long lasting colour


Setting with more diamonds

Higher Presence

Whether the ring is made of 18k gold or platinum 950, we provide the same maintenance service. Generally speaking, after the ring is worn for a long time, it is most common to experience more scratching than colour fading. Our warranty includes full refurbishment only once. And there is no limit on the number of years, customers can send it back to the store, and we will arrange refurbishment services.


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