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How lab-grown diamonds are indicated in certificate?

Natural diamonds and laboratory diamonds are real diamonds. The difference is only their source. Nature comes from underground, undergoing the process of mining. Every piece of diamond is a product of nature. High quality diamonds are becoming more and more rare.

Natural diamonds and laboratory diamonds will have different certification bodies to issue identification certificates. There will also be laser coding on the waist of the diamond, which needs to be examined with a magnifying glass.

Taking the above figure as an example, the report number of diamonds in the IGI identification laboratory will start with "LABGROWN", so that laboratory diamonds can be distinguished from natural diamonds. You can also enter the number on the official website for query.(IGI Official Website)

GIA also issue e-certificate to labgrown diamonds. Physical certificates are only available for natural diamonds. The following figure is a sample of GIA's laboratory certificate.

The words "laboratory grown" will also be used in the instruction below, so that consumers can clearly distinguish between laboratory diamonds.


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